Date published: 11-May-2019
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.NET Core
SQL Server

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  • GadgetCMS

About the Project

“GadgetCMS” is a content management system that can provide & manage content related to electronic products. It provides users the ability to read a review & specifications of a gadget. Users who create an account on the website are given an ability to post their own opinion about a product and rate it.

Users given the role of “Editor” will be able to create content about a gadget and post a review on them. Further, users with role of “Moderator” and “Admin” will have the ability to manage the administrative capabilities of the site.


My aim is to build a server-side Content Management system specifically tailored to managing content related to Electronic products such as smartphones, smart-watches, etc. It is built upon the modern ASP.NET Core framework based on Razor page model. The system is called “GadgetCMS” which falls under “Web Content Management (WCM)” system.

A Digital Asset Management System (DAM) is used to provide content for a website through integration with WCM. The system provides core control functionality such as:

  • Permissions
  • Content State Management and workflow
  • Dependency Management
  • Search and Organization of Content
  • Content Reuse
  • Proper management of uploaded resources
  • Advanced Search Capabilities
  • Comparison of specifications of similar products
  • Ability of user to give an opinion on a product


  • Home page

    View of GadgetCMS Homepage
  • Admin/Moderator/Editor Dashboard

    View of GadgetCMS Dashboard
  • Gadget Comparison page

    View of GadgetCMS Compare page
  • Article Management Dashboard

    View of GadgetCMS Dashbaord - Articles page